sealThe Hadhams' History Society has the following committee members. Chairman, Vice Chairman, Minutes/Membership secretary, Treasurer, Events officer, Publicity Officer, Museums officer and up to two other committee members.

Excepting the Museums officer, the committee members hold office for two years (commencing from the AGM at which they were elected) and during that time are responsible for the day to day conduct of the Society’s affairs.

The may stand for no more than two years without re-election. The Museums officer sits permanently on the Committee, does not have a vote and does not require re-election.

The committee shall has the power at their discretion to co-opt up to three members to serve on the committee and be able to vote until the next AGM. Again at their discretion having determined the terms of reference, they may appoint members as they see fit to form a sub-committee for a limited time and purpose.

Every effort is made to ensure that the committee reflects a balanced representation from the parishes of Little Hadham and Much Hadham (as near 50:50 as possible).

All Society funds are be used to further the objectives of the Society. The Committee members share between them, as they decide, the routine work and administration of the Society’s affairs, reporting progress at each committee meeting and reporting on their stewardship at the following AGM. There are not less than four committee meetings each calendar year.


As the committee rotates each year the society welcomes new committee members. If you would like to join The Hadhams' History Society committee please contact us via the contact form.