The Hadhams' History Society has been formed to facilitate the study, and recording of the local history of the Parishes of both Little Hadham and Much Hadham. The society organises talks, classes, tutorials, workshops, meetings, walks and field surveys.

It encourages and assists in the study, writing, reproduction and circulation of documents relating to this local history.

The Society has been formed in association with Much Hadham Forge Museum, with which it maintains working links it also maintains links with other local bodies having similar interests.

The Society raises funds by way of subscription, and invites contributions from interested members of the public. Meetings and talks presented by the Society are be open both to members and the General Public. Non-members pay a visitors fee for admission to any single event. Society aims to distribute meetings equally between both Parishes (Little Hadham and Much Hadham) however, this dependant on the availability of the venus in each parish.


If you would like to join The Hadhams' History Society please contact us via the contact form. 

The current Annual Subscription is £10.00.